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  • May172013

    “Runway” Ready: Traveling In Style

    I've figured out that I spend approximately 42% of my time traveling including local and overseas. Therefore, I'm always searching…

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  • Dec282012

    Winner of Lands End Canvas Gift Card

    WINNING!! So last Thursday we asked what you wanted from Lands End Canvas and for those who shared, they were…

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  • Dec202012

    Casual Money For Your Wallet

    Another one of my favorite online shopping sites for more casual clothing is Lands' End Canvas ~and since we've got…

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  • Jul102012

    Can We Give You $175 To Spend?

    We'd like to give you a gift certificate for $175 to spend at Lands' End Canvas. To get it, just…

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  • Mar022012

    …And The $100 LEC Gift Card Goes To

    Last week while at Blissdom 2012, I sported a fun & apparently very Blissdom-esque look compliments of Lands' End Canvas.…

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  • Feb242012

    Get An Entire Outfit For Free!

    Lands' End Canvas is the way to go for easy, effortless weekend casual ~ and perfect for conferences (like Blissdom)!…

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  • Nov012011

    Travel to Cape-Town

    Lands' End Canvas has a few great capes for the fall.  I've found my new throw-on uniform that will carry…

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  • Oct202011

    Sensible Sweater Season with Lands’ End Canvas

    I love summer but, admit that fall is one the est times of years especially for dressing. The warm colors…

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  • Jun232011

    Beach Babe — Ready for Action!

    Lands' End Canvas asked us to do a post related to being 'beach ready'.  So, I commenced the search for…

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  • May032011

    Basking in Boatneck Sunshine

    Lands' End Canvas provided the option to purchase a top and then tell you about it.  I scooped this Striped…

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  • Dec082010

    Lands’ End Canvas…New Blue!

    As a Lucky Magazine Alpha Shopper, I often receive emails followed by fabulous gifts at my door...and three days ago…

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