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…And The $100 LEC Gift Card Goes To

…And The $100 LEC Gift Card Goes To
2012/03/02 Better Blueprint

Last week while at Blissdom 2012, I sported a fun & apparently very Blissdom-esque look compliments of Lands' End Canvas. And it could have been yours ~ all you had to do was leave a comment about the look and you were entered!

Well, the time has come to announce the winner.... Ellen Seidman!

As soon as we hear from Ellen, we'll send out her gift certificate so she can get the Blissdom or something totally different. As a Brand Ambassador of sorts, part of my (very fun) to-do is to think abou the brands and retailers that can keep you stylish and functional while being tru e to your everydya mission. Lands End Canvas is one of those brands...