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Traveling in Style: Bags

Traveling in Style: Bags
2010/07/21 Maya H.

The cool part about writing this segment on traveling in style is that it's less about the clothes you wear when you get where you're going, and more about how to look good getting there!  Yesterday we discussed the best kicks to sport to ensure you look stylish yet can be fashionably functional moving along planes, trains and automobiles.  Today, it's all about what you're packin' as in what you're packing your clothes in.

For all parties, stick with carry-ons.  Unless you're going someplace for more than five days, you can easily compact your style into a travel bag and carry-on.  For the ladies, Blueprint for Style would recommend something you can carry (and lift into the overhead bin) because there is nothing cute or stylish about not carrying your own weight!  I like a bag on wheels (mine is a leather, cognac-colored Hartmann) plus a cool personal bag that can expand to hide the last-minute purchase you weren't supposed to get....

For the gents, Blueprint for Style  always recommends a leather duffel (pictured below) and that's it.  We are not fans of backpacks or man-purses.  At most, consider a snall briefcase or the likes to carry your phone, mp3 player, magazines, and your 'how to be a millionaire' book.

Now, everyone is ready for to travel in style...