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Not So Fun Fashionable News

Not So Fun Fashionable News
2010/07/20 Maya H.

Chanel prices are rumored to skyrocket starting August 1st.

European Chanel experts indicate the prices of Classic style bags, which includes the Reissue, just went up 20% and now similar price hikes are anticipated state-wide. One sales associate theorized that rising demand and manufacturing difficulties are the cause for the rapid price increase.

A Chanel source says, "We don't want Chanel to become like Louis Vuitton. They are taking more of an Hermes approach where it can take three years to get the bag you like," she said. "We want Chanel to stay a lux item and not be Main Street."

Consider this: In 2008, a 227 Reissue was $2850. Today the same bag costs $3600 and could jump to $4100 if current indications are correct. That's approximately a 40% increase in just two years so, we're sure Main Street is out of the running.

Blueprint for Style believes prices will go up August 1st...just enough to out-price Vuitton.