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Shopping for Gamechangers: Cliff Notes Version

Shopping for Gamechangers: Cliff Notes Version
2014/03/28 Better Blueprint

Steven Alan - sleeveless trenchThis is the last in a four part series around building your ideal wardrobe. This last session is focused on the tidbits to go after the items you want, and have them for awhile.

  1. Fabric - if it's something you love, stick to cotton, silk, denim and wool. With cheaper or synthetics, you never truly know what you're going to get
  2. Location, location, location - if you're purchasing an "investment" item, stick to reputable places and places you know well. You can do online but make it a place that has history, etc.
  3. Become a seasonal shopper - always be looking out for your favorite designer's end-of-season sales; shop for cashmere in May; mid-March kicks of sample sale season; January and August are the biggest sale months; April is the best time to get sneakers; June is ideal for women's lingerie and undergarments; and snag your denim in October!
  4. If it's cheaper, stick to darker colors; it hides a multitude of sins
  5. Versatility lowers overall cost - if you cannot find at least three ways to wear it then don't buy it...honestly!
  6. The devil is in the details - opt for metal zippers instead of plastic; look for flat-felled and French seams; and ensure that when you have patterns or prints they line up
  7. Denim can be patched, knits cannot (generally speaking)
  8. Sales trance - don't get caught up in the joy of the sale; one of something fabulous is better than three of nothing special
  9. Accessories - jewelry, shoes and handbags don't discriminate based on size and thus only require that you take care of them

kk plastic island blazer

11 Wardrobe Gamechangers

  1. Fitted black blazer (with peplum, ruching, or structured shoulder) or sports coat
  2. Long-sleeve cashmere tee (v-neck or crewneck)
  3. Dark print cropped pants (no cuffs)
  4. Lined, leather wallet (with at least 4 slots) - men
  5. Lace-up shoes with almond-shaped toebox (black or leather/saddle-colored) - men
  6. Oversized semi-structured print clutch (python, or dark metallic)
  7. Dark, structured flats (not ballerina's....)
  8. Jumpsuit (with deeper v-neck and sleeveless) - it's the rage right now but it won't go out...guaranteed!
  9. Sleeveless trench (love this one by Steven Alan) - you can wear it across three seasons and it adds instant panache to your look!
  10. Leather pencil skirt - it's a bit edgy but you can tone it down for work or amp it up for after-hours
  11. Print tie (with medium blue and yellow) - men