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Ready for the Weekend: In Fancy Flats

Ready for the Weekend: In Fancy Flats
2015/11/27 Better Blueprint
In Footwear, Style
{denim lace up flats, $50}

                                                            {denim lace-up flats, $50}

Everyone's doing it! Those fancy lace-up flats are ubiquitous.

While I may not love them (they are flats), they do a lot to add flair to even the most casual looks. The laces, when tied around the ankle, create a focal point and a touch of femininity.

So score one for the ladies when you find them in denim...and under $50!

Russian stylist Natasha Greenberg shows you how to take casual to a slightly higher level without any added drama.

Head to Gap - and don't forget the 50% off!

natasha goldenberg