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j.crew is hemorrhaging

j.crew is hemorrhaging
2018/02/20 Better Blueprint

They've been attempting a financial and sartorial turnaround across the last year or two ~ they let go of the popular creative director Jenna Lyons and then they revamped their overall style messaging from upscale, suburban gamine to understated urban fem.

But J.Crew is still hemorrhaging... So their new strategy is to go the way of Starbucks! It’s hiring Adam Brotman as president and chief experience officer. Brotman hails from Starbucks Corp.

What's the goal? My guess is to up customer loyalty and create more/better in-store experiences. Let's see if it works....

Right now, J.Crew is having a sale (which is a perpetual state for them) but if you're going to take advantage of it, here are the stalwarts worth spending on....