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Tuck-er Up!

Tuck-er Up!
2014/01/17 Better Blueprint


Do you ever have trouble keepin' it in your pants (or skirt)? Well Bradamant has solved that problem for us!

Bradamant understands that part of being a professional woman is looking and being put together literally and when your shirt tails are running rampant outside of your bottom, you lose a little something.

[Enter stage left] Beautiful tops that stay put - because they are blouses with a bodysuit bottom!


{I ran around all day in this Bradamant Warrior blouse and it stayed put! Perfect with my fitted camel pants and new Kathryn Amberleigh OTKs from The Dreslyn. It's short-sleeve but with my Norma Kamali shal collar coat, it was right on time!}

I saw the Warrior (loved the name!), and immediately decided that I wanted it. I snapped a few shots of me rocking my new blouse headed to a client meeting and a brand event walk-through.


{Some of my vices showing like wine and chocolate chip cookies but focus on the Bradamant Warrior blouse as I review my new style book, Without Saying A Word!}

I just love the idea of bending over to snag something I dropped (or perhaps snatching a little one trying to run away) and knowing that I'm not going to show my backside!!

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