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  • Jan172014

    Tuck-er Up!

    Do you ever have trouble keepin' it in your pants (or skirt)? Well Bradamant has solved that problem for us!…

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  • Apr162012

    Do More, Reveal Less…With Shop Presenza

    Do you want a new look for spring?  If so, let us help. Blueprint for Style has teamed up with…

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  • Jan232012

    Our Hautest, Cheapest, Most Complete Professional Look for $237

    This outfit is for any woman who is just starting out and wants to look fabulous, or any woman who…

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  • Dec222011

    The Year of the Blouse… & Necklaces

    For 2012, I'm focusing much of my attention and hard-earned capital on building up my blouse and necklace arsenals. Funny…

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  • Nov152011

    A Week’s Worth of Leopard Print Loveliness

      Leopard print is one of my all-time favorites and it's one of this season's hottest trends. Some aren't quite…

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