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The Year of the Blouse… & Necklaces

The Year of the Blouse… & Necklaces
2011/12/22 Better Blueprint

For 2012, I'm focusing much of my attention and hard-earned capital on building up my blouse and necklace arsenals. Funny thing is they're both fairly difficult to nail down.....truly beautiful blouses are hard to find and pricey when you do; and necklaces can be 'hit or miss' but when you find it, you know it!

That said, I recently had a necklace commissioned (sounds sexy & haute, right?) by Janelle of JazzyJewelz. I mentioned that I wanted it to be a statement piece (that was wearable everyday though), with black as the base color and I would love some hint of carnelian. The result is pictured ~ and I am in love! If you want something, hit her up and tell her I sent you!

Next up ~ something with leopard print inspirations along with red and teal accent colors but slightly less meaty....stay tuned!

What are you focusing on in 2012?