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Where Are The Donuts

Where Are The Donuts
2013/06/10 Better Blueprint

Whatever happened to the “donut”? It was a simple, uncomplicated piece of dough, fried and then dipped in some sugar. I venture to say it was the working man’s morning pick-me-up….and then it disappeared.

donuts, doughnuts, breakfast pastry

Donuts, the original breakfast pastry

What replaced it were low-fat options, organic ingredients, non-fried dough, and sausage biscuits. Gone are the days of Freddie’s Doughnuts (a longtime Buffalo, New York landmark) and in its place are Krispy Kreme’s and Dunkin Donuts. The original frycake has been redone to be less fat, lighter, and not as sugary ~ ummm, doesn’t that defeat the purpose?!

Doughnuts were delicious. They were a treat to be shared. They were a morning jolt to start the day. They weren’t concerned with calories, or sugar count, or serving size, or flavor – it was the glazed frycake and you just ate it. Done!

June 7th was National Donut Day so find your local pastry shop and indulge in the original breakfast pastry!

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