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  • Jul312021

    nordstrom’s anniversary sale

    I use the Nordy's Anni Sale for two purposes: to get ready for fall/winter with some elevated essentials, and to…

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  • Feb172016

    9 Fashion Week Survival Essentials

    If you're doing Fashion Week then you'll need (at least) these 9 essentials to make it through the events in style!

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  • Aug212015
    stella mccartney, adidas, gym bag

    Ready for the Weekend: Gym/Weekend Bag

    Your girlfriend ever say, "let's roll to the beach for the weekend?" and you found yourself looking for a bag…

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  • Jun152015

    MANLy Monday: Summer Sneaker Essential

    This is easy ~ a pair of white sneakers. You know you need them, you want a fresh new pair…

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  • Mar142013

    Sneaker Alert: Adidas Roundhouse

    I'm a sneaker feen ~ and I didn't know it! But I saw these Adidas Roundhouse sneakers and…

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  • Aug252011

    adidas Ciero Lo

    I love sneakers...and I love men...and I love men in sneakers - cool sneakers that is! I am confident this…

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