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  • Dec092020
    This men's Isaia blazer is the perfect upgrade from nice to dapper for any professional man

    every man should own…. Isaia blazer! And the best place to start looking is Saks Men's Store! This was one of my client's…

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  • Feb132018

    ties, scotch tape & politics

    We don't need to talk politics but alas your Commander in Chief made a fashion faux pas that requires our…

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  • Dec142016

    A YSL-esque Blazer

    Let me repeat for the record: J.Crew has fallen off a little bit BUT they still have some great pieces…

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  • Sep282011

    Lustful Leather

    This season, I am lusting after just about anything with leather and this leather sleeve blazer by DSquared2 is no…

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  • May252011

    One Vent, Two Vent, None Vent?

    It is far more common to see a center vent than side vents, however stick with what you prefer.  If you…

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  • Apr072010

    We See Things in Black & White

    Black, by itself, is not the most springy color, agreed?  And white, by itself, is really pushing the envelope on…

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  • Apr022010

    Smooth as Silk & Stylish to the Max

    While every man cannot and does not aspire to the same rat-pack je nais se quoi that Maxwell wields, every…

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