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Doing Casual Better…

Doing Casual Better…
2016/04/15 Better Blueprint

I've lived all over the world albeit mostly in the United States once I was "of age" but even in my travels, I am drawn to how different people do "casual". Head to the left coast and casual is undoubtedly based on yoga pants and the like. Run to the east coast and the backbone of casual is denim. Down south casual seems to look a little more dressed up and for the ladies, it can be more dresses and skirts than not. The midwest version of casual seems to be slightly disparate in that it reads more about "convenience" than style.

Collectively, we could do better looking casual..... And I'm inclined to start with outerwear because it's the first thing people see and one of those pieces that can be easily repeated without a side eye.

I'm loving this lux bomber jacket so let's start there!

Whether with denim, a white bottom, a long dress, or just a tee + jeans.

Done and done!!

lux bomber jacket