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Daytime Sequins, Evening Sparkle

Daytime Sequins, Evening Sparkle
2012/11/23 Better Blueprint

Do you own sequins? I do (now)!

Have you ever wondered whether you can wear sequins during the day? and if you could, how? The rules on traditional eveningwear have recently gone out the window and it's a daytime free-for-all. I've spent many a hour creating an "outfit" around sequins.

I used to think they were gauche and something my older aunt would wear to her 25th class reunion until I was doing some client shopping and found this sequin bomber jacket with leather sleeves by Mural ($88)!

So, I've put my outfit together and I'm just waiting for the right occasion to bust out my sequin bomber ~ whatever I choose (I'll post a picture), the other elements will need to be simple and low key because the jacket is gold sequin which is doing a lot on its own.

You can rock sequins during the day.....

  • (mini skirt) by toning it down with denim and sneakers
  • (shirt) adding a simple cut blazer or cardigan
  • (dress) NOT!
  • if you mix it with more casual fabrics like leather or denim

If this gold jacket is too much too fast, this try this leather sequin bomber cardigan or this sequin blazer.