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  • Apr242015

    Ready for the Weekend: Sequin Dress

    Call me crazy but I'm trying to get as much use out of all of my pieces as possible....thus, the…

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  • Nov232012

    Daytime Sequins, Evening Sparkle

    Do you own sequins? I do (now)! Have you ever wondered whether you can wear sequins during the day? and…

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  • Apr122010

    Se-quin-tial #2

    Because Blueprint for Style is always trying to keep our readers in the know about what's to know...the things that…

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  • Apr082010

    Sneak in Some Sequins

    Even Michael Kors understands how to wear sequins during the day.....this beautiful sequin tank can add just a touch of…

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  • Apr072010

    Speaking of Sequins…..

    Chloe sequined silk tank Valued at $1,790 Going Going Gone sale at Sales starts at 12pm and price goes…

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  • Apr022010

    Se-quins #1

    Everyone's doing it and, for once, it makes sense.  Sequins used to be limited to nighttime affairs....glitzy "events"....70s nightclubs but…

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  • Mar292010

    Spring has Sprung!

    Look what's coming to Blueprint for Style in APRIL: Sequins during the day .... unheard of! Too Many Mags to…

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