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Se-quin-tial #2

Se-quin-tial #2
2010/04/12 Maya H.

Because Blueprint for Style is always trying to keep our readers in the know about what's to know...the things that really count!  Today is part deux of our focus on sequins...during the day....dare we say!

So, we're here to show a few more options of daytime sequins and, guess what, several of these pieces will be available on Swirl by Daily Candy this week at the Robin sale (shhhh, we got the inside scoop...).  We've reveiwed some of the basic rules about sequins so, as you give these looks a gander think about how tone down the piece or, better yet, how to make it the focal point of your outfit!

  • The shimmery skirt is a little short but imagine a loose-fitting, multi-colored shirt that picks up that hue and a pair of embellished, neutral-color're in business!
  • With the vest, you've got options but I'd stick with some black slacks and a bright-colored short sleeve shirt...and minimal jewelry.  This is ideal for our pear-shaped ladies because it draws the eye up and away from our hips!!
  • The skirt is doing a lot so, tone it down with an oversized white cotton tee with batwing sleeves (I just scooped a fabulous one by Elizabeth and Jamesat Neiman Marcus, $97).  Sounds like a lot but the volume of the shirt will offset the sequins along with the white.  Here again, go with flats, black being a safe bet!!

Go forth - be shimmery & shining - but not unstylish!