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Se-quins #1

Se-quins #1
2010/04/02 Maya H.

Everyone's doing it and, for once, it makes sense.  Sequins used to be limited to nighttime affairs....glitzy "events"....70s nightclubs but no more!  With a little information and know-how, a touch of discretion, and a penchant for balance, and you're ready to 'light it up'!

  • Think of a smattering of sequins or beading, not full-on regalia
  • Opt for a sweater or open jacket worn in conjunction with the shimmer
  • Your sequins shouldn't be too tight or too sparkly (smaller sequins are less flashy)
  • Go for tiny or no necklaces
  • Hmmmm sequined slip dresses, leggings and pants are only for parties
  • For contrast, go for darker pairings (dark denim and sequin T, all-over sequin top with vintage jean jacket)

Check out how Piperlime does it....