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Item of the Week: Blanket Sweater

Item of the Week: Blanket Sweater
2010/10/06 Maya H.

We at Blueprint for Style have succumb to this trend!  The blanket sweater is perfect just about any woman who enjoys being comfortable yet chic at any given point -- it's perfect with jeans, long and short skirts, slacks or leggings and dresses.  Piperlime has several options that we love!!  Our advice to ensure it looks effortlessly chic:

  • Maintain balance: the bulkiness of the sweater dictates that your bottom half be fitted and sleek
  • Keep it simple: we all want pizazz but, again because of the sheer amount of fabric, opt for a solid color that allows you to wear it across several occasions
  • Thin layers: for fall, layers are the way to go and use multiple thin layers to create warmth rather than heavy, bulkier layers underneath