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Sayonara Simon Spurr

Sayonara Simon Spurr
2012/04/04 Better Blueprint

It's so long to Simon Spurr at Simon Spurr. On March 16th, amid thinly veiled references of longstanding agreements, Simon Spurr and Judd Nydes, co-founder, simply released a statement saying the 'fashion love affair was over'. Spurr will remain the creative consultant for Tommy Hilfiger.

You say, "So what?!" Well for now it means nothing since all the major shows are over and technically it could continue to mean nothing if none of you even buy the brand (it's expensive). In the near term, he's still planning to attend the CFDA ceremony on June 4th given he's been nominated for the Menswear Designer of the Year Award, "Hell yeah. If they don’t vote for me this year, they’re not going to next year,” said the designer. “It’s now or never.”

For what it's worth, here is one of my favorite pieces ~ the tailored peacoat {it oozes upper crust, New England, and Ivy League-educated}.

{Simon Spurr tailored peacoat}