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Men’s Fall Must-Have #1: Quilted Sport Coat

Men’s Fall Must-Have #1: Quilted Sport Coat
2015/09/28 Better Blueprint

quilted sport coat men's outerwear

Guys aren't that complicated so the list of fashion must-haves is short not to mention for fall. I hypothesize that fall is THE favorite season for men because, in general, it fits into their style ethos of relaxed, cool, simple but comfortable.

If that's the case then there are FOUR fall must-haves for every man. So as not to inundate you with to-do's, we'll provide one each week for the next four weeks.

Just keepin' it simple.

Today's fall fashion must-have is a quilted sport coat! It's perfect for date night, weekend travel and the occasional casual business meeting to say 'it's business but it's Saturday'!

AND today it's on sale (25% off with code RLGIVE15) + free shipping (with code FREESHIP125)!