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BIG Time with Chevy

BIG Time with Chevy
2012/04/26 Better Blueprint

2012 Chevy Suburban 4WD LTZ

"Goody goody gumdrops" is what I said when GM informed me that I'd be driving their 2012 Suburban 4WD LTZ...and then I saw it. It was huge, all black and shiny--I was in instant like! Truth be told, I wanted to try out the Cadillac SRX Crossover because it appeared to have more of my natural aesthetic -- sizable, noteworthy but not over-the-top, powerful, and slightly understated, so i did experience a bit of dismay at first.

Side blind spot alert feature

I went online to look and it just looked big, but after a bit of research, I was psyched!! This car has tons of features that easily appeal to my sense of style -- folding side view mirrors, seat warmers (I'm always cold and don't travel with a jacket for day trips if it's not full-on winter), rear park assist (my last car was a Range Rover and I soooo miss the sensors when parking), USB for my iPhone, remote vehicle start (sweeeet!) and the best feature of all....side blind zone alert (I worried that I wouldn't see cars moving past me in my blind spot but the side view mirrors have this indicator that flashes yellow when a vehicle is in your blind spot--awesomeness)! Enough with the litany of features because, all jokes aside, clearly my biggest concern was whether the overall ride would be cool and whether it fit my general style aesthetic.

my new peep toe booties!

After 5 minutes of driving, I thought it came pretty close. Albeit much larger than anything I would normally get for myself, the amenities made me think twice. This is going to sound nutty but I loved the driver-side foot space -- my new peep toe booties with cinched closure were nestled with care (that counts BIG time to a lady who loves her heels!).

The black on black interior/exterior also made it sleeker. My first client commented, "I thought that was you in that truck." [I stayed in the car for 10 minutes to answer emails, make calls and snap a few photos of the back of the truck....super spacious]. I imagined if I had to tote around a basketball team (I was meeting with the head coach of basketball team later in the day) or a brood of rambunctious kids, the space would be heavenly. For me, it was just expansive! Anyway my client eluded to the fact that the truck was "me" - clearly it was growing on me.

My second meeting with coach was as predicted - he loved the truck and although he doesn't tote his college team around, he saw the potential and was excited. That said, he commented (unprompted) on the mismatch of styling, "That's too much truck for you even though I'm sure you can work it. I see you in more of a Range Rover."....I swear he didn't know I had one!!

Loved my ride partly because I love just about anything new, but also reveled a bit in the small amenities that so-called higher end vehicles don't even have. The Suburban doesn't match my aesthetic but for a mom of three/four/five kids, or a six foot six inch man who hangs with a tall crowd, this truck is like candy land.

What do you think- me or no?