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Roadtrip Part 2: To Road Trip or Not?

Roadtrip Part 2: To Road Trip or Not?
2016/01/22 Better Blueprint
{the #roadtrip destination: Sanderling Resort}

{the #roadtrip destination: Sanderling Resort}

I was keen on road tripping because Toyota gave me a new 2016 Highlander Limited for my “Dress for Success” seminar in Burlington, NJ on Martin Luther King Jr Day….yes, I was called to work! The moms of Jack & Jill’s Burlington Willingboro, NJ Chapter were sponsoring an event for disadvantaged women in the area. Speakers shared insight on financial management, managing stress, exercise essentials and, of course, dressing for success. My cold early morning departure was made a little easier with seat warmers, ample space for my clothes and style guidebooks, and enough tech-savvy accoutrements to turn up my music and navigate thru #holiday traffic.

After returning, I couldn’t let the truck sit idle so I made plans to road trip again since I didn’t have any commitments until Thursday. Five questions to ask and answer for your next road trip:

  1. How much money do you have to spend?
  2. How much time do you have?
  3. What’s the weather/forecast saying?
  4. How long before you experience ants-in-your-pants?
  5. What are you driving?

In my case, I had the Toyota Highlander with two days to use and clear, crisp skies at my back! I grew up road tripping with parents (albeit in a motor home!) so any location within 300 miles was doable for me. My goal was to stick within a budget of $300.

After some soul (and internet) searching, the perfect location surfaced – Sanderling Resort in Duck, NC….a mere 275 miles away!