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Roadtrip Part 3: Headed to Duck, NC for #SoulRetreat

Roadtrip Part 3: Headed to Duck, NC for #SoulRetreat
2016/01/25 Better Blueprint


Duck, NC worked wonders! In spite of a 4 hour, 30 minute trip there (back was grueling since it started to snow......), I returned home relaxed and in a better #headspace. While I had originally planned to go as a way to rack up miles on the Toyota Highlander and do some work, it turned out to be the perfect opportunity to be open and receptive to what was to come and how to prepare for it.

Add this to the list of must-do’s for any self-respecting woman over the age of 30 years old!

Thanks again to Toyota and Sanderling Resort for making this possible….

Now, where are you going on your road trip?!

{sporting a new Mackage down jacket, TImberland boots - oldies but goodies!}

{sporting a new Mackage down jacket, Timberland boots - oldies but goodies!}

  • Shopping: Mackage jacket (it's on sale!!), Timberland boots - my are oldies but a few cool choices here (or a similar style here)....