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Travel Like A Pro

Travel Like A Pro
2014/09/10 Better Blueprint


I want to be the perfect travelista every time I'm on-the-road ~ that includes arriving at the airport with just enough time to get through security and to my gate but not so much time that I'm looking for something to do; with my one bag and carry-on that contains everything I need to look awesome but not so much that I'm annoyed when I find something and can't fit it in my luggage; and, of course, looking and feeling 'fresh n clean'!

Truth be told, it's not always so easy especially when I have to travel with those extra five pounds that comes with my monthly visitor (smh). It means I've got to pack extras and be ready for that flight doesn't land on time and leave time for me to handle the business.

panty liners, Carefree, travelLucky I have a back-up in the bag (which is always essential and stylish) in Carefree Panty Liners ~ BOOM! I've got a cute holder for them just in case some TSA agent feels the need to check my bag (and even Lara Eurlodian does the same in this video)!

While many stuff their travel bag with everything they could possibly think of, my carry-on bag is what houses all of these essentials and must-haves for travel. While there is some variation depending on this location, my top 10 items to travel like a pro (overseas or long distance) include:

  1. Foldable shoes (if I'm not already wearing them)
  2. Scarf
  3. Beauty/skincare essentials
  4. Extra layer (in the form of a sweater/blazer/sweatshirt)
  5. Pretty package (with my feminine supplies like my Carefree panty liners)
  6. Tech baggie
  7. Reading material (magazines, book, e-reader)
  8. Dell #XPS laptop
  9. Notebook (you never know when inspiration will hit)
  10. Without Saying A Word bookmarks

My choice of carry-on bags varies as well but I'm always looking for lots of pockets, a section that zippers so I can stash my passport and cash, and something that is softly structured so I can keep everything organized but stuff my extra layer in it too!

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