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T&L Travel Forecast

T&L Travel Forecast
2012/12/31 Better Blueprint

To be a stylish traveler, you have to be savvy. There's nothing really cool/dapper when you don't leave enough time for the check-in process, or aren't hip on which airlines offer wi-fi, or can't make it through the security line without completely disrobing; or miss the cool amenities in some of the world's hippest airports/clubs.

Just so you know, we picked out a few key travel predictions for 2013 from T&L's 2013 travel forecast:

  1. Paper tickets are yesteryear ~ the iphone is kinda taking over thus the Passbook app (an "electronic wallet") will be very popular
  2. Security lines will go away....for some ~ going Global Entry and TSA's PreCheck will get you through security with your clothes intact!
  3. You'll embrace you're inner hussy and sleep in other people's beds ~ names like Airbnb and Portico (steep online membership fee) will mean less need for deluxe hotel accommodations
  4. Lighten your tech load - tablets and laptops in one like Surface, Lenovo Yoga 13 Series mean you can travel lighter
  5. Airline loyalty is overrated ~ airline tickets are due to increase as much as 4%; and many airlines are making it nearly impossible to book basic-award level tickets
  6. Stay connected in the sky is a "Yes" ~ Gogo and OnAir are services that are rolling out in-air service; some will cost, others like JetBlue may be free!

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