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Jumping Up And Down To Get Ready For A Beach Vacation

Jumping Up And Down To Get Ready For A Beach Vacation
2015/05/14 Better Blueprint

{they say bikini bag, i say vacation clutch at henri bendel's}

My sister and father are ready to choke me but, I'm barely back three weeks from Dubai, Thailand and Vietnam, and already I am planning another getaway. I think the planning part is exciting but also a great way to escape the current soggy weather currently happening in DC...

I was tooling around on another blog which happens to be one of my favorites, Le Catch, and I saw this bag (available at Henri Bendel). Immediately loved the colors and print so it was going to be mine. Almost simultaneously, I confirmed a year-end trip to Mexico with four chronies.

I hit the Henri Bendel site and got 20% off my purchase immediately. I went to check out but glanced upon this yummy smelling travel candle (beach scent = crisp scent of salt water, orange zest, melon with hints of jasmine, white lotus, creamy coconut milk and sweet rosewater). Every room is made better with a travel candle.

Ready. Set. Sun & Sand!

{travel candle, beach scented}


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