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  • Dec182017

    sister gift

    I saw this clutch and thought, "how perfect for my travel to carry stuff and then to use for an…

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  • Jun122017

    4 Must-Haves Under $50 for Summer

    Every summer you'll get this list and plus-or-minus it doesn't change less a quick switch with something that is more…

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  • Jun072016

    Dressing Hi-Lo

    There is an art to dressing hi-lo....and you should start with the "hi" portion first. We took the Roksanda Rosalind…

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  • Jan292016

    A Weekend Pouch

    Is there ever an occasion when your weekend "bag" should be smaller, something in the pouch family? While I love…

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  • Oct062015
    Truffle, privacy clutch, giveaway

    Truffle Privacy Clutch Giveaway

    Functional. Sleek. Versatile. Chic. I loved my Truffle bags so much that sharing made sense. And if you've read my…

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  • Oct022015
    Onetruffle, handbags, clutch

    Ready for the Weekend: Pretty Bags

    I love a good bag that I can use to keep my makeup, tech peripherals, or handbag odds n' ends.…

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  • Jul032015
    Kayu cannes raffia clutch

    Ready for the Weekend: Raffia Clutch

    Have you learned that not everything you wear has to "match"? Take this lesson to it will save you…

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  • Jan012015

    Handbag Shuffle

    I have quite a few handbags especially clutches because I have a belief that they are always useful whether to…

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  • Dec212014
    handbag, lo & sons, crossbody bag

    My Version of “12 Days of Christmas” Gifting

    The giving continues.... This time it's all about a bag that I was introduced to many, many years ago by…

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  • Sep042012

    NYFW Handbag Must-Have

    I love this print clash clutch because whether I'm rocking all-black {that's standard fare for NYC}, going with this fall's…

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  • Mar042012

    An Easy Chic Look

    A question everyone seems to ask me as a stylist is, "How can I do casual better?" The answer lies…

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  • Dec182011

    Double Duty Clutch

    Leopard print is wonderfully versatile and a clutch is the essential every lady needs these days.....wait, along with something to…

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  • Dec282009

    New Years Partying Calls for a Clutch

    No handbag or shoulder need to have room to carry just enough (lipstick, breath mints, cellular, blotting paper &…

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  • Dec222009

    Don’t Let This Clutch Slither Past You

      Vivre has this little eggplant python clutch by Sang A on sale (also in chocolate).  The crescent-shaped masterpiece has…

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