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My Version of “12 Days of Christmas” Gifting

My Version of “12 Days of Christmas” Gifting
2014/12/21 Better Blueprint

handbag, lo & sons, crossbody bag

The giving continues....

This time it's all about a bag that I was introduced to many, many years ago by the name of the O.G. I was SOLD on it from my first use and proceeded to spread the gospel.

Now they (aka Lo & Sons) has created a crossbody bag that I am dying to get my little hands on! I wasn't a fan of the crossbody until I saw how this Pearl can convert from crossbody to clutch with no fuss. SOLD....again!

And now one lucky reader will receive The Pearl for just one small ask - share one thing you're really hoping to receive this Christmas season. Who knows - you may get it!

You've got until end of day on the 23rd...which means you'll have your bag in time for New Year's Eve!

And my version of "12 Days of Christmas" continues...