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  • Mar022018

    any handbag collection must include…

    As a professional woman and aspiring/full-time fashionista, your handbag collection must include an "archive handbag".... Pair it with denim, an…

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  • Dec182017

    sister gift

    I saw this clutch and thought, "how perfect for my travel to carry stuff and then to use for an…

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  • Aug172016

    FREE Download Available: Handbags under $100!

    We're keeping the free style advice coming - and the latest download available is for the handbag junkies who don't…

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  • Apr262016
    Hermes birkin, designer handbags

    Designer Handbags are OUT!

    Trends ebb and flow and come and go but the last time the designer handbag industry saw an "ebb" was…

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  • Oct062015
    Truffle, privacy clutch, giveaway

    Truffle Privacy Clutch Giveaway

    Functional. Sleek. Versatile. Chic. I loved my Truffle bags so much that sharing made sense. And if you've read my…

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  • Oct022015
    Onetruffle, handbags, clutch

    Ready for the Weekend: Pretty Bags

    I love a good bag that I can use to keep my makeup, tech peripherals, or handbag odds n' ends.…

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  • Apr222015

    Spring Must Haves: Satchels

    This can be a tricky thing because the average "working girl" today uses one bag and that bag has to…

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  • Jan052015
    suede rubber, redecker, shoes, handbags, suede cleaner

    Suede Rubber

    I'm showing this on MANly Monday but this is a tool for anyone who owns suede! I've tried it and…

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  • Jan012015

    Handbag Shuffle

    I have quite a few handbags especially clutches because I have a belief that they are always useful whether to…

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  • Dec212014
    handbag, lo & sons, crossbody bag

    My Version of “12 Days of Christmas” Gifting

    The giving continues.... This time it's all about a bag that I was introduced to many, many years ago by…

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  • Aug262014
    Hermes, Birkin, designer handbags

    Hermes: More Than The Kelly Or Birkin

    We all get lost of the splendor of Hermès (pronounced "air mess") and it's easy to focus on its traditional…

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  • Feb082014
    rebecca-minkoff-mini box-handbag

    Carry. Cross. Travel. Clutch.

    I held out on my approval  of crossbody bags but they are growing on me especially when they're as versatile as…

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  • Jun122013
    new celebrity it handbag, bombette bag

    Newest Celebrity “It” Handbag

    We've seen the Celine luggage bag, Proenza Schouler’s PS1, Alexander Wang’s Rocco duffel, and Chloe’s Paddington, so you were just…

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  • Apr262013

    What’s In Their Handbags

    What would you expect to find in the designer handbags of Vogue's fashion & beauty editors?. We got a peek…

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  • Feb252013

    Ideal Bag…In the Clutch!

    An easy find at Gap ($40) ~ colorful foldover clutches in statement-making hues that will set your outfit apart! If…

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  • Dec192012

    Vintage Hermes [POLL]

    The big question of the week: A favorite of Jackie Onassis, the Constance bag is a legend amongst…

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  • Dec112012


    Minaudiere: A small ornamental case for a woman's cosmetics, jewelry, or personal items that is often carried as a handbag.…

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  • Nov212012

    Can’t Miss Hit List: Handbag

    {click the round, red-outlined dot to link to the item directly} Navy blue is so rich and so chic. Handbags…

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  • Nov202012

    My $99 Marshall’s Find: Feeling Blue Today

    I'm part of Lucky Magazine's Style Collective and I was given an assignment - head to Marshall's, find something stylish,…

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  • Oct092012

    A Casually Sassy Lady

    I love the overall look of this outfit ~ the dress and heels keep it classic and feminine; the layering…

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  • Sep042012

    NYFW Handbag Must-Have

    I love this print clash clutch because whether I'm rocking all-black {that's standard fare for NYC}, going with this fall's…

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  • Jun252012

    Burning (Hermes) Birkin Bags?!!

    Are you familiar with Hermès' Birkin (& Kelly) bag? Do you know they cost upwards of $10,000 (and as high…

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  • May112012

    TODAY Only, 50% Off

    This Corrente Marlow Mini-clutch is only $57.50 today! It's the perfect clutch for summer: it comes in fun summer colors…

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  • Mar022012

    My New Bag

    I caught wind of this J Crew Tillary Tote bag and my dreams of the Celine Shopper Tote were put on…

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  • Jan232012

    Our Hautest, Cheapest, Most Complete Professional Look for $237

    This outfit is for any woman who is just starting out and wants to look fabulous, or any woman who…

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