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Ready for the Weekend: Pretty Bags

Ready for the Weekend: Pretty Bags
2015/10/02 Better Blueprint
In Accessories, Style

Onetruffle, handbags, clutch

I love a good bag that I can use to keep my makeup, tech peripherals, or handbag odds n' ends. And we all know a love a good clutch too so, when I saw these Truffle bags, I got all tingly inside!

They're sleek.
They're functional.
They're versatile.
They're quality.

I scooped a few different ones (the clarity document case, privacy clutch, and small clarity pouch which is TSA-friendly!!) and next week, Blueprint for Style will be hosting a giveaway of one of their sleek, chic privacy clutch in the seagrass/red textured leather.

It's just big enough to fit your smartphone, keys, charger (so necessary these days!), lipstick, and blotting tissues.

Tune in next week for deets to get your own Onetruffle clutch!