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What’s In Their Handbags

What’s In Their Handbags
2013/04/26 Better Blueprint

What would you expect to find in the designer handbags of Vogue's fashion & beauty editors?. We got a peek ~ and look what we found! I caught wind of it at a fun blog called Studded Hearts; and they scooped it from Vogue Australia. Now I'm sharing it with you. It's a harmless, fashion-addicted version of voyeurism ~ if you've ever wondered what the big fashion gurus are toting around.....

Notice any difference/similarities between the contents of these handbags?

Each handbag has lots of technology, pretty smaller bags, cameras, and minimal makeup!!

{Genevra Leek, Fashion Features Editor}

{Zara Wong, Online Producer}

{Edwina McCann, Editor-in-Chief}

{Christine Centenera, Senior Fashion Editor}

{Sigourney Cantelo, Beauty & Health Director}

{Rebecca Caratti, Style Editor}


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