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Ready for the Weekend: Raffia Clutch

Ready for the Weekend: Raffia Clutch
2015/07/03 Better Blueprint
In Accessories

Have you learned that not everything you wear has to "match"? Take this lesson to it will save you soo much money!

It popped into my inbox and I immediately started plotting how to add it to my current, ever-expanding clutch collection.

Kayu cannes raffia clutch

- hand-embroidered polka dots (so girly)
- silk-screened stripes (slightly upscale)
- drop-in chain strap (tres versatile)
- it's tan, orange and....yes, navy!

Just wait for me to post my outfit pic with this may even get sick of seeing it after a while! If you don't scoop it know, no worries because it'll be available in the SHOP section of the website.