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Focus on Men’s Furnishings

Focus on Men’s Furnishings
2009/11/30 Blueprint

If you consider your body to be the "house" then it makes senses to think that men's furnishings would be the little but significant things that make the 'house a home'.  One of those telltale furnishings is your wallet -- a beautiful wallet tells the story of how you got where you are, how well you take care of your money and, frankly, how well your money takes care of you.

Ettinger purple billfold

This Purple Billfold with 3 C/C & Purse designed by Ettinger is absolutely fabulous!  The handcrafted purple billfold has 3 credit card slots (no gentlemen needs more....), a coin purse (just enough to feed a meter), 2 note pockets and 4 slip pockets.  It's timeless yet modern with the purple interior.  Paris-based Je Ne Sais Quoi is featuring this beautiful billfold for 180 euro.

This is an item no man..oops I mean gentleman, should be without.