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6 Things We Want to Share This Week

6 Things We Want to Share This Week
2011/03/12 Maya H.
  1. The fashion accessory for your eyes right now is definitely cat-eye sunglasses.  This retro feline eyewear trend is actually very wearable for many face shapes and with so many options in stores now, you need to go cop a pair ASAP!
  2. Want to try out the "boy for girl" look? Check this out: how to borrow from the boys without turning into a man repeller.
  3. The 70's has a seriously strong influence for spring 2011.  There's an optimism in fashion and clothing trends this season with bold color, prints galore (including stripes and florals), flared jeans, etc.  Just add straight hair with a center part and you're all set to pay homage to the legendary Yves Saint Laurent with your 70's inspired style.
  4. is your go-to for authentic military vintage clothing online.  The website features rare European military staples from Italy, Germany and France. You will not be disappointed!
  5. Kate Moss was smoking on the Louis Vuitton runway in Paris–literally.  The daring model actually lit up and smoked a cigarette on the catwalk in defiance of "No Smoking Day."

    Photo: Reuters

  6. Onesies rocked the runways in Paris. Our favorite: Stella McCartney.