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onesies for #wfh

onesies for #wfh
2020/05/04 Better Blueprint
In Style

What about a one-piece for work?! Since this quarantine and lockdown has been in effect, I've been trying to think of new ways to keep it fresh while working from home. One way I've come up with to ensure I'm still comfy and look pulled together - but not expending too much effort (lol) - is to do onesies in the form of rompers and jumpsuits!

I like to add pizazz just like the next chick-a-dee but when I'm not leaving the house, I can't help but think of the most expeditious ways to look good/feel great in a low key way. The romper is ideal for warmer weather on the deck, the jumpsuit is great for cooler weather when I need to make grocery store runs or do a Zoom call, and the unitard is pure heaven for just hanging around the house!!

I've found three solutions (and own all three!):