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POLL: How Much Of Your Wardrobe Do You Actually Use?

POLL: How Much Of Your Wardrobe Do You Actually Use?
2015/04/15 Better Blueprint

{how much of your wardrobe do you use?}

There are numbers flying all over the place on this but an old study (over 8 years old) says that the average woman utilizes than than 40% of her closet. Whoa, right?!

Not really....are you a clothes hoarder? Or perhaps you're the person who likes to "pay penance" for purchasing something you shouldn't have so you keep it so you can look at it constantly and be reminded of what a poor shopper you are? Better yet, are you the serial purger who cleans out their closet regularly leaving only 30 "classic pieces" as you call them (note here: if you can clean out your closet 'all the time' then I don't believe you can maintain 30 classic pieces....what was all the other crap you had?!)

What this question really asks is how much money have you wasted? Wouldn't you rather have pieces you love than stuff that's just ok? Do you think you could throw away $1000....because that's what you're doing on a regular basis? Do you think investing $750 in a personal stylist is worth saving you upwards of $600 annually?

Anyway, share your dirty little secret and see whether you're in good company!

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