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6 items to never buy when money is low

6 items to never buy when money is low
2018/01/12 Better Blueprint
In Style, Style Tips

photo: Style du Monde

It's the start of the year and everyone is either thinking about how to dig out of the 'holiday spending' ditch or where to spend their holiday loot! For folks who are in the former, we have seven things to avoid purchasing if money is tight....

  1. Any type of "dry clean" only clothing
  2. Anything you may already own (but just want a nicer/newer version)
  3. Items that require this should eliminate a lot since most of us are not form-size!
  4. Multiples ~ similar to number 2 but if one costs $10 and three costs $20 then just spend the $10
  5. Sale items...if you weren't going to buy it full-price then don't buy it now!
  6. Subscription services ~ they sound good but StitchFix and Trunk Club prey on the fact that you won't cancel immediately