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Building The Ideal Wardrobe Series

Building The Ideal Wardrobe Series
2014/02/28 Better Blueprint

You really want a personal stylist or someone/anyone to come into your closet, twinkle their nose, and create the ideal wardrobe for you. You could get up in the morning, fear-free, and open the door to loads of wonderful treasures; or perhaps prepare for a last-minute trip without having to head to the mall.

Call the stylist – that’s one option (I’m available here). I’m certainly not opposed to that as it keeps me employed.

The second option is to do it yourself – and that’s where this post series will come in handy. While not 100% inclusive, I've culled the must-do’s into four steps with several smaller instructional elements.

  1. In the Beginning, There was Darkness // March 7th
  2. Editing your closet: Cliff Notes version // March 14th
  3. Defining your personal style: Cliff Notes version // March 21st
  4. Shopping for gamechangers: Cliff Notes version // March 28th

Share your progress week by week, and let me know if you have questions.

the perfect wardrobe - wide eyed legless