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Five Step Plan to Custom Suit Perfection

Five Step Plan to Custom Suit Perfection
2012/12/12 Better Blueprint

{photo from GQ}

If you don't have or want to spend $2,000 on a custom suit, likely no one would look at you sideways ~ that's a lot of dough. But if you walk around in a suit that is oversized or ill-fitting, you are sure to catch the side eye.

The solution: a custom suit for less!

  1. Show up in your favorite suit. For most custom clothiers, it's a skosh easier if you can say "I love this fit. This is my ideal fabric. I don't like this pattern"
  2. Bring pictorial inspiration. Whether it's the photo of Ben Affleck from December's GQ, a Pinterest board, or some secret photos you snapped walking down the street, your custom suit will be even easier to create with more direction.
  3. Know your budget. Blueprint for Style loves Bryn Keith because the price is the price. For some clothiers, after you add in the pricier fabric, extra button holes, and custom pockets, you've blown the bank.....bad!
  4. Go back to the basics. If you're new to the custom suit world, stick with a grey or navy suit; and please go with chalk stripes, never pinstripes because you want something as classic as possible.
  5. Get it right. Any custom clothier worth their weight, will make sure the fit is right even if it means going back more than two or three times. You're a billboard for their service and they should want you to feel like a million bucks!

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