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  • Dec092020
    This men's Isaia blazer is the perfect upgrade from nice to dapper for any professional man

    every man should own…. Isaia blazer! And the best place to start looking is Saks Men's Store! This was one of my client's…

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  • May012020

    men’s summer essential

    Think long and hard about the warm weather must-haves for men and I'm 80% sure you'll come up with a short-sleeve…

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  • Sep292017

    best sweaters from old navy (for everyone)!

    Fall means cooler temps. Fall means layering. Fall means sweaters. I found some fabulous options at Old Navy for under…

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  • Aug222016

    3 Easy Rules for Fall Style

    Abide by these three (3) rules and autumn sartorial dominance can be yours! You can (& should) wear cognac-colored shoes…

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  • Sep292015

    The ONE COLOR to Add To Your Closet This Fall

    I know I share the Pantone Color of the Year and what not but, this is not that. I'm talking…

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  • Jun012015

    MANly Monday: Style Quote

    “I like a fine-gauge knit – like a summer sweater – under a suit, which just feels nice on the…

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  • May192014
    travel. shirt pack

    MANly Monday: Travel in Style

    Ey chaps! It's that time of year when you're hitting the road either with family, your significant other, or just…

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  • May052014

    MANly Monday: Summer Take on the Navy Blazer

    The navy blazer is one of the key elements in any professional man's closet but it's summer, so do we…

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  • Apr212014
    suit jacket-construction

    Suit Jacket Construction: What You Need to Know, Part 3

    Full Canvas. This is typically used for bespoke and MTM (made to measure) This construction calls a lot to make…

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  • Apr142014
    suit jacket-construction

    Suit Jacket Construction: What You Need to Know, Part 2

    Fully Fused. Most common type of suit for off-the-rack purchases Uses glue and makes for a stiff-looking jacket Counter the…

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  • Apr072014
    suit jacket-construction

    Suit Jacket Construction: What You Need to Know, Part 1

    Half Canvas. It's on the middle of the quality spectrum Has the structural benefits of a full canvas suit Helps…

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  • Mar102014

    MANly Facts: Travel with Dress Shirts

    Fold dress shirts in bundles - Stack them one atop the other with the arms spread, fold the bundle in…

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  • Mar032014

    MANly Facts: Shirts

    If you can't place one finger comfortably into the top of your buttoned shirt, it's too small. Can you even…

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  • Feb242014

    Monday MANifesto: Sweater Weather

    It's sweater weather....kinda! Imagine your travel plans from the East Coast to the south for a weekend wedding, or an…

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  • Jan272014

    Manly Mondays: Mr. Johnny Hodges

    Every Monday in 2014 (less a few time-sensitive posts and in-the-moment expressions) will be dedicated to the men in my…

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  • Dec022013
    fold a suit jacket, travel

    If You Travel & Wear Suit Jacket

    This post is for you....even if it's just going to happen once over the holiday season. This cool site, Real…

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  • May142013
    mens sportcoats - blazers

    Blazing Trails With The Right Blazer

    Take a look at the's a typical get-up for any guy (blue pants + white button down) but, when…

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  • Apr252013
    mens blazer, spring essentials

    Eight Spring Essentials For Men

    Men don't care about "outfits". They care about closets that have the right clothes. Here are your spring essentials to…

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  • Apr102013

    Love A Man in Blues

    One of my favorite blogs to look at is blacktiemind ~ and one of my favorite looks is a man in…

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  • Dec172012


    Apparently there are rules to wearing turtlenecks and Esquire has laid them out clearly. And we concur..... Cotton is good…

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  • Nov222012

    Heady Purchase

    A waistcoat or vest. It's just essential for fall/winter if you want to impress the ladies, channel a bit of…

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  • Nov082012

    Updated Men’s Casual #Uniform

    I've been searching for a look that said dapper but not too dandy, casual but not too relaxed, polished but…

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  • Oct122012

    Please #Tweed

    Tweed is a classic. For men, it's a wardrobe staple. It's an expanded Essential Wardrobe item. We borrowed it from…

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  • Aug292012

    Men’s Style Lessons to be Learned

    This is Corey Hackett {Etiquette coordinator for Philos Elite Image Company, manager for Club Monaco, and celebrity stylist and image…

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  • Aug072012

    So Blue But So Right

    We've talked about this time and time again, but every man needs to own a blue suit (top two to…

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