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Updated Men’s Casual #Uniform

Updated Men’s Casual #Uniform
2012/11/08 Better Blueprint

I've been searching for a look that said dapper but not too dandy, casual but not too relaxed, polished but not too formal, and individualist but not too out-there!

Here it is; and here are the building blocks for the uniform:

  • Blazer
  • Straight leg denim or trousers
  • V-neck sweater, thin-gauge
  • Button down shirt

Now all you have to do is focus on

  1. which style of blazer works best for you [loving this ONE, two, or three]
  2. ensure your denim are straight leg (not bootcut or relaxed) {go for these, or these}
  3. pick up a couple sweaters that advertise your personality (like this, this, or this)

What is your uniform?