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What Men Should Wear To Any Wedding

What Men Should Wear To Any Wedding
2013/05/23 Better Blueprint

what to wear, summer weddings

{we like off white for summer weddings}

At some point this year, likely this summer, you will have to attend or perhaps even be in a wedding. You should wear everything sartorially fabulous to every wedding!

Think of it this way ~ lest you arrive naked, no one is going to ousted you from the event, so take a few liberties....

Here are the must-do considerations:
1. The occasion requires a suit {evening wedding means darker color like midnight navy, or go with seersucker or khaki or light grey for the daytime}....and shouldn't look like you're headed to a job interview
2. Ensure the shoes are longer-vamp loafers, so you can wear them afterwards for date night [with all the honeys you pick up at the wedding]
3. Have fun with your accessories ~ opt for funky pocket squares, colorful ties, and/or shirt-tie combos that say you're on the cutting edge