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How To Pack for ‘Hot & Humid’

How To Pack for ‘Hot & Humid’
2015/03/16 Better Blueprint
{my iPhone snapshot shows what I mean by hot 'n humid}

{my iPhone snapshot shows what I mean by hot 'n humid}

I’m ten days into my working vacation in south east Asia (Thailand and Vietnam) and the temps have been hovering around 90+ degrees with 90% humidity. It can be hard to maintain your cool in that land of heat (unless you’re dressing for the beach). To make it “haute” in the hot and humid climates, abide by these 4 rules:

  1. Natural fibers are best because they allow a bit more movement – silk, cotton and linen...
  2. Don’t go too fitted. When a breeze comes you want to be able to take advantage of it!
  3. Lighter colors reflect heat but if you’re going to do dark, try to make them pieces with less coverage (shorts, tank top, linen dress, romper)
  4. Unmentionables is important if you sweat. I have a new respect for moisture-wicking bras, undies and tees because sweat stains are not pretty! These seamless hipsters and any sports bra (I like Athleta) will save you so much angst. Guys go with Under Armour!

What you don't want is to be so worn out that you look like this pretty as you may look, the heat can take it from you!


{exactly how I felt after trying to run wild in Bangkok's hot 'n humid weather...without all of th right apparel!}

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