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one warm weather wardrobe must-have

one warm weather wardrobe must-have
2023/06/03 Better Blueprint
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Say that three times really fast!

This is one wardrobe #musthave every busy professional to own to build a versatile, summer wardrobe for work.

On to business, summer is upon us so expect two things if you are heading back to the office: 1️⃣ a longer commute than you had from your bedroom to your "kitchen" office and 2️⃣ a [very] cool office.

On the heels of a global pandemic, the lower temps were seen as good to stem the spread of the virus and, now, as temps rise outside, A/C is on full blast!

SOLUTION: layer strategically!

Because most offices are more relaxed post-pandemic and summer is always more casual...

👨 Men - you would do well to grab a polo + deconstructed blazer.

👩 Ladies - you should consider a v-neck tee + cropped cardigan.

✅ Looking polished and professional.
✅ Staying cool outside.
✅ Staying warm while inside.