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No “Boo” For The New Blue

No “Boo” For The New Blue
2012/05/29 Better Blueprint

Every summer, your girlfriend/partner/wife/significant other implores you to add some color, right? And every summer, you purchase the obligatory bright sneaker, cool Havaianas, yellow shirt, or white pants, right?

Note: she's just trying to help...

That said, surprise her by adding a summer blue to your repetoire. It's light enough to keep her off your back, but manly enough to keep the fellas from giving you too much grief! We love it because:

  • it's still goes with all your navy, white and khaki for summer
  • it's subtle enough to wear into early fall without looking kooky
  • it's versatile enough to go from day (beach walking) to evening (date night)
  • it can be found lots of places including Park and Bond
  • if you buy those brighter colors your 'other half' wants, you can still rock these!

Park & Bond Shows The New Blue

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