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guess what wardrobe item you need this summer?

guess what wardrobe item you need this summer?
2023/06/07 Better Blueprint

Another must-have for busy professionals is a CRISP WHITE SHIRT.

Simple, right?

Anyone who knows me or any client who has worked with me knows I am a supporter/proponent/closet whisperer/advocate of the white button-down shirt.

I've even recently published the updated excerpt, The White Shirt, from my latest book, The Creatives' Closet!

But, I digress.... The white shirt is AWESOME 😎 because it can go from day to date night, work to weekend, home to overseas without missing a beat IF it's the right one.

My recommendations for summer - because the goal is to stay cool - are the CUTAWAY POLO for men and this TOP for women.

And when you click, you'll be surprised because the recs are NOT what you think... gotcha!

Stay cool - and stylish!