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An Outfit for Active Outdoors Outings

An Outfit for Active Outdoors Outings
2013/05/24 Better Blueprint
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{an active, outdoors look}

One of the biggest questions of the season (& ongoing for that matter), is how can I do fun outdoors/active stuff and still look cute and stylish. The answer lies in how you bring it all together.

Outdoors signals comfort ~ so we like sneakers and shorts
Whether it's the ballpark or jazz concert that signals a few hour investment ~ so opt for something to keep you cool but layers well
We want to be fashionistas but not look overdone ~ so we do lots of colors lace
The sun is shining ~ so sunglasses and sunscreen are a must!

The combination says you're in style but not too fashionable to hang out!!

Shopping List:

  • crossbody bag (comes in multiple shades), $20
  • sailor shorts, $60
  • Tom Ford georgette aviators, $150
  • Converse sneakers, $50
  • lacey, striped tee, $50
  • MM6 sweatshirt, $195
  • s2Member®