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MANly Monday: Travel in Style

MANly Monday: Travel in Style
2014/05/19 Better Blueprint

Ey chaps! It's that time of year when you're hitting the road either with family, your significant other, or just doing the annual boys trip to....(no comment). Or maybe it's just ramped up travel for work.

Either way, you need/want to arrive in style and ready to hit the ground running if need be. A quick change at the airport or in your hotel room can happen if you're carrying the sullivan shirt pack.

This genius contraption made of canvas and twill holds up to 5 shirts! Keeping them neatly stacked and keeping you ready to rock.

Bonus: it comes with an instrucutional folding board + a leather collar stay case with 6 Moore & Giles stays!

Available: ahalife, $155

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