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Men’s Style Lessons to be Learned

Men’s Style Lessons to be Learned
2012/08/29 Better Blueprint

{Corey Hackett, from}

This is Corey Hackett {Etiquette coordinator for Philos Elite Image Company, manager for Club Monaco, and celebrity stylist and image consultant for Forefront Image Company} and he was featured in Details Magazine's Street Style.

What do you think of Corey's style overall? We think there are a few lessons to be garnered:

  • not all trends need to be followed ~ the rolled-up cuffs are a trend most men can skip
  • Corey rocks this cable-knit sweater but I think the lapels are a bit too narrow for his broad chest
  • I love how he uses the blue-green color scheme against the neutral, everyday chino
  • The accessories are overkill (tie clip, bracelet, watch, and double pocket square)
  • his words provide great insight "sometimes changing your style can mean just perfecting the style you already have."